Is there a real and tangible danger above our heads…?!

Is there a real and tangible danger above our heads…?!


Is there a real and tangible danger above our heads…?!

Dear friends!  Partners on this journey…
How are you all doing today?

Is there a true and tangible danger right now looming over us?
And if so, can we do something about it?

The answer is yes, absolutely!!

The danger is coming from a completely unexpected direction, making it a bit difficult to believe that there is indeed a danger here.

And it's happening under the radar, right beneath our noses, and yet the majority of people are unaware of it. Because in the media and communication, they completely ignore it, perhaps not by coincidence…

Before I tell you what the danger is and where it comes from, I'll mention that at the end of this article, I'll provide a link to a website that deals with this issue and contains a lot of information: both the documents themselves, and many lectures and interviews on the topic.

I recommend that you visit this website through the link provided at the end of the article to verify the information for yourselves.

It's important to know the facts and what's happening, because right now there's a brief window of opportunity where we can act and change the course of events.

Afterward, it will be much harder to change things.

So, go ahead and visit the link (at the bottom of the article), read, listen, and decide for yourselves if this is true and what you want to do about it.


Now, what is this danger I'm talking about at all?

And where does this danger come from?

Israel is about to sign an agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO). The agreement is nicely named and politically phrased, but it is actually a contract.

And like any contract, after signing, Israel will be bound by this agreement.

And why is that bad?

After all, the World Health Organization is a positive organization that aims to do good in the world, you might ask…

Well, not quite.

Without going into details here (you can find the details on the website I mentioned earlier here), I'll just say that the World Health Organization is funded mainly by pharmaceutical companies and other vested interests whose essence is financial gain and other matters. And at the head of the organization is a corrupt individual who has been accused of crimes in the past.

So, this organization is not as pure and innocent as its name might imply.

And again – don't just take my word for it, check it out for yourselves through the link below.


Now I'll provide the essence:

This agreement that Israel is about to sign is called the "Pandemic Agreement" or the "Pandemic Treaty," and it gives the World Health Organization the sole authority to decide what we need to do in case of a pandemic, meaning in the case of an "epidemic", or in the possibility of a potential “pandemic”.

This means that the World Health Organization will have the authority and power to dictate to Israel how to act in any way and form it deems appropriate in the case of a "pandemic" or even a potential "pandemic".


And who decides if there's a pandemic or if there's a danger of a pandemic?

The World Health Organization, of course.

The cat guards the cream.

The World Health Organization is the one that determines if there's a danger of an epidemic, and it's also the one that gives instructions on what to do.

And we, Israel, will have to obey.

Because if we don't, the treaty allows the imposition of all kinds of sanctions on Israel.

Moreover, the treaty, meaning the agreement, potentially allows the World Health Organization to send a foreign military force to Israel in order to enforce its decisions!! This is not stated clearly in the agreement, but it is a tangible possibility.

The simple yet dangerous implication is that Israel will lose its independence.

Israel will be forced to follow the instructions of a foreign organization that has no affiliation with the State of Israel and indeed no great sympathy for Israel.

This agreement has several other very disturbing and dangerous clauses and points. I won't go into them here, and I strongly recommend and urge you to visit the link here and delve into the topic.

Because it could be crucial for the continued independence and security of the State of Israel and all of us here.

Israel is supposed to sign the "Pandemic Treaty" in about eighty days. 80 days. That's less than three months. It might seem like a lot, but it's really not much time. And during this time, we, the people, need to act to prevent the signing of this draconian and dangerous agreement.

By the way, not only Israel is supposed to sign this agreement, but also all the countries affiliated with the World Health Organization. That is, most of the countries in the world. And in many countries, there is strong opposition from the people, as well as from doctors, lawyers, and even politicians, to signing the agreement.


The more of us oppose signing this dangerous agreement, the greater the chance that Israel won't sign. And every voice, every individual, is important!


So, what can you do?

You can do a few things:


1. Sign the petition.

There's a petition that aims to prevent the signing of the agreement and Israel's exit from the World Health Organization. You can sign the petition here.


2. Share and spread this important information.

Time is short, and the more people know and sign the petition, the more likely Israel won't sign.


3. Send letters regarding this matter to members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament).

In this link, you'll find a suggested letter version that you can use and send to members of the Knesset. You can either use the entire template or modify it as you see fit.

In this link, you'll find a list of the phone numbers of all current Knesset members. You can send them messages. It is important to bombard them with messages…


In conclusion, We have a short window of time to act in.

If we don't prevent the signing, we'll find ourselves in a dangerous situation where a foreign organization can effectively control us and dictate things to us. An organization that we didn't choose and whose people don't have our best interests at heart.

Visit the IsraelExitWho website, sign the petition, read and deepen your understanding of the topic, and spread the word as much as possible.

And do it now, because time is running out…


And I'm always here, of course, if you need any assistance or guidance of any kind…

With love, Tomer (:
* * * * *

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